Are you interested in ?

Preparing for academic studies at a highly reputable university at home or abroad?
Studying English within its context?
Working with multinational companies where English is a necessity?

Improving your control of written and spoken English?

Attending an elite English Semester on a daily basis?

What Skills do I learn at the English Semester?
Besides teaching the four language skills, The English Semester at MasterBec stresses core values required at both the academic world and the job market. For instance:

* Effective Communication
* Critical Thinking
* Time Management and priority (School comes first)
* Team Work
* Creativity and problem solving
* Self-confidence
* Diversity

Certain computer skills, like PowerPoint, Word and Excel are emphasized in the program. This helps students to learn how to manipulate audio-visual aids in their presentations.
Course hours:
Students are required to take 15 hours per week during the semester.

* Acceptance into the program depends on students' motivation and will to learn.
* Thus, students are required to have scores above average in the high schools or universities they are currently attending.
* Applicants will take an entry exam and an interview. This process will help assure that students are within the same level.
* Selected students will study English from Monday to Friday.
* Students are encouraged to follow the class behavior policy.

Why Study an English Semester at MASTERBEC ?
The Program is lead by a team of highly qualified teachers with a great international experience.
Our classes are small which gives the teacher the opportunity to know students’ needs and answer them separately. Classes contain audio-visual aids, including a computer, a data show, and a video player.
Students are encouraged to do extra-curricular activities.
Some classes take place in the computer lab for hands-on cases.
MASTERBEC is one of the leading English institutes in Kenitra. We also have connections with universities at home and abroad.
Attendance policy:
Attendance is mandatory. Students skipping classes will not benefit fully from the program. Missing classes affects students’ final grades.
Scores are out of 100 points for each class.
100- 90:A
89- 80 : B
79-70 : C
69-60 : D
Below 60/100 is an F.
Since The English Semester is also geared towards TOEFL, students’ grades can show the readiness of students to take their TOEFL.
The Sample IBT TOEFL tests that students take are out 120 points, just like the scoring on the formal test.