Little Bridge is the work of our students. The newsletter includes interesting elements, such as famous quotes, stories, hot topics, inside Kenitra (rumors section), Ibt Toefl Tips, World News, and much more.

* We encourage students to write stories in an attempt to boost their writing skills.
* The famous quotes section enriches students' knowledge. Quotes are a great support; especially if they are well manipulated in writing.
* Inside Kenitra portrays major events in Kenitra in witty manner. Are the columns about Kenitra true or false? That is the question!
* Ibt Toefl Tips: former MASTERBEC students who have passed their Ibt Toefl give new students hints on how to better prepare for the test.
* World News is an interesting part of the newsletter since it keeps students in touch with the world.

Little Bridge Staff is made of an editor, a team of reporters, two photographers, and MASTERBEC Staff Sponsor, Abdelah Lomri.