Program objectives:

The Movie Night serves students within the Master Bec Center who have an advanced level in English. It mainly tends to serve the needs of those who wish to enhance their knowledge about English Speaking countries and their cultural diversity. The program will also open students’ eyes to issues within the Moroccan society-issues that will require in-depth analysis from the students’ parts; in an attempt to pinpoint some of underlying causes behind what we observe in the streets on a daily basis.


Program Schedule:

The Master Bec Movie Night is divided into three major sections:
1. A brief introduction to the movie: the general context.
2. The movie is projected and attention is directed towards the screen.
3. A discussion of the movie: students are expected to give their feedback, what came to them, or their “aha moments,” in relation to the main topic of movie.


Note: you are mostly welcome to help yourselves to the chips and drinks table