Modern Standard Arabic

This course targets non-native speakers of Arabic; especially students coming from the English speaking world. Classes start from beginning levels up to advanced. That is, from learning the Arabic alphabets to acquiring a proficiency level in Arabic.

Students who have never taken an Arabic course before start at the beginning level. Those who have started Arabic at other institutions take an entry exam so that they are placed in the right level.

Moroccan Arabic/Darija

Students learning Moroccan Arabic Darija get the chance to learn the dialect within its actual context. Whatever you learn in class you can apply in real life situations, be it bargaining at the market, asking about the next bus, or having a meaningful conversation at the Hamam (Moroccan public bath).

The Moroccan Arabic course is not just about learning how to speak Darija, it is also a necessary step towards a better understanding of the Moroccan society and its norms and values.

The course focuses on communication in Darija. Therefore, students will be more exposed to listening and speaking than to reading and writing.

Regular classes

Four hours per week
Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
Fall: October December
Winter: January- March
Spring: March-May
Summer Intensive Classes: 2 hours a day
Monday to Friday
- June 2nd – June 30th
- July 2nd  – July 30th