Study Abroad

* We provide orientation to students intending to study abroad.
* We have established connections with universities from U.K, USA, and Canada.
* We will be glad to meet your needs, collaborate with you, and design programs up to your expectations.

Our tasks include:

1. Choosing the right program in the right school
2. Helping students fill their application forms
3. Informing about the financial and academic requirements for subscription
4. Contacting the universities and following the necessary procedures
5. Translating the required documents, like diplomas, certificates, transcripts, letters of recommendation etc
6. Sending the application form to the target universities
7. Receiving the I-20 form
8. Helping students with their visa application


* Filling an application form
* Providing three letters of recommendation
* Financial support
* Ibt Toefl score (70 +)
* School records