Business English courses

We offer multi-level Business English Courses that go from elementary up to advanced levels.
These courses are for both per-work students and professionals.
We focus on daily communication at the work place, using real practice case studies.

Business English Courses provide you with the techniques to:

1. Organizing meetings, and presentations.
2. Writing letters, and making reports.
3. Adjusting to cultural differences within the larger corporate work.
4. Working in teams.
5. Giving insights into critical business issues of our time, such as globalization, leadership, and innovation and change.
6. Dealing with authentic material, as well as up-to-date audio-visuals.

Intra-Company Training

Our in-service training program that we provide to companies tend to precisely answer the markets demands. We offer specific courses that facilitate the amelioration and the grasp of the up-to-date communication skills in marketing, commerce, management, negotiations, customer service and more. We also provide basic language courses to false beginner staff.

General English Courses

1. Within the English language adults program, students are divided into levels from absolute Beginners up to Proficiency level.
2. Each level is taught over a ten week period (30 hours).
3. Regular classes meet three hours a week and students choose whether they would like to attend once , twice or three times .
4. A year is a three term period.
5. There are also intensive classes that are usually held at the end of June and the months of July and September. Classes within these sessions meet daily either for 2 weeks (Monday_Friday:15 hours/week), or for 3 weeks (10 hours/ week).
6. We also prepare students for different English exams such as TOEFL, BEC, GMAT, and ILTS.

Junior English courses

1. Our centre is a suitable learning environment to all levels, and all ages.
2.  We not only teach kids languages, but also the skills to socialize with their own age group.
3. We also organize workshops for them to fulfill their potential and develop self esteem.

French and Spanish courses

We also offer elite French and Spanish Courses.

Bec preparation

Bac preparation