Our Assets

1. Nine rooms equipped with up-dated teaching multi-media.
2. Multimedia center/lab with high tech computers, and wireless internet connection.
3. Administrative staff is made of highly qualified professionals with great experience in their areas of expertise.
4. Our teachers are young and dynamic. Most of them are university professors or high school senior teachers.
5. Our Movie Night meets every other Saturday and introduces students to various cultures within the English speaking world.
6. The Book Exchange Program allows students to read more and share thoughts on the material they explore with their peers.
7. MasterBec is strategically located at the center of the city and only two blocks away from the main train station.

MasterBec Team

* Seek your satisfaction
* Adapt to your needs
* Understand your obligations and commitments
* Open to your suggestions

Our Goals

Under the requirements of the global market economy, English has become a necessity. Our school aims at helping individuals compete at both the local and global market, through providing effective means of communication.
We offer specific courses that facilitate the amelioration and the grasp of the up-to-date communication skills in marketing, commerce, management, negotiations, customer service and more.